Use your Gulden witness-only key to witness online. Easy, affordable and completely under your control!

Cloud Witness

Based on your witness-only key, no spending-keys or Gulden transactions needed!

Dedicated Servers

Your witness key is active on dedicated Gulden servers to ensure maximum uptime!

Easy to Use

Create a witness account on your PC and upload your witness-only key for a small fee!

Cloud Witnessing

For anyone who want to have a backup server for their witness accounts in case of downtime, the G-DASH Cloud Witnessing Service helps you out without the need of providing spending-keys. Read detailed info

Direct payouts

Your witness rewards are transfered to you immediately, no need to wait for 100 confirmations. Read detailed info


To keep this service running we request a small fee. The current fee is set to 1.01 NLG per witness earning generated using this service. Read detailed info


What is witnessing?

Besides using the Proof of Work method (PoW; mining), the Gulden developers created Witnessing to make the Gulden network more secure and make major improvements to security. Using the witness system, a Gulden user can lock their coins for a specific amount of time (between 1 month and 3 years) and start witnessing. By witnessing a block, the user will be rewarded with 30 NLG (and 50 NLG for the miner, 40 NLG to the development fund). After the lock period has ended, the locked funds can be used again (so no collateral funds needed). For more detailed information, please read this article on Medium written by the lead developer of Gulden.

What is G-DASH Cloud?

For witnessing, it is necessary to have your computer running 24/7. For people who don't want or have a computer up all the time, or want to have a back-up in case the device is offline, G-DASH Cloud can help out. This service provides witness-only key hosting while staying in full control of their funds. As the term suggests, a witness-only key can only witness and has no way of spending the original locked funds.

Why use G-DASH Cloud?

G-DASH Cloud is the first available witnessing service that works with witness-only keys. The developer of this service also created G-DASH and is an active member of the Gulden community. The servers running this Cloud service are only running GuldenD, no other applications, is split off from the web front-end, and has an uptime of 99.99%. For using this service we ask a fee of 1.01 NLG per witness action performed using this service. The other 28.99 NLG is transferred to a Gulden address of your choice, compounded, or divided over multiple addresses as you choose. Currently a maximum of 2 witness keys is allowed for a Basic account. If you would like to add more witness keys to your account, you can choose to upgrade your account to an Advanced (4 keys) or Pro (6 keys) account. See below for more information.

How G-DASH Cloud works

  • Create an account
  • Add your Gulden payout address to your profile
  • Upload your witness-only keys
  • Lean back

Basic Account

  • Max 2 witness keys
  • Payouts occur every 4 hours
  • 1.01 NLG fee per witness action
  • No subscription fee

Advanced Account

  • Max 4 witness keys
  • Payouts occur every 4 hours
  • 1.01 NLG fee per witness action
  • 45 NLG per month or
  • 450 NLG per year

Pro Account

  • Max 6 witness keys
  • Payouts occur every 4 hours
  • 1.01 NLG fee per witness action
  • 75 NLG per month or
  • 750 NLG per year

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