Use your Gulden witness-only key to witness online. Easy, affordable and completely under your control!

Cloud Witness

Based on your witness-only key, no spending-keys or Gulden transactions needed!

Dedicated Servers

Your witness key is active on dedicated Gulden servers to ensure maximum uptime!

Easy to Use

Create a witness account on your PC and upload your witness-only key for a small fee!

Cloud Witnessing

For anyone who want to have a backup server for their witness accounts in case of downtime, the G-DASH Cloud Witnessing Service helps you out without the need of providing spending-keys.

Fast payouts

Your witness earnings are transfered to you within a few hours after they have matured (100 confirmations).


To keep this service running we request a small fee. The current fee is set to 5% of your witness earnings generated using this service.

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